The Air Knight whole home IAQ system including air purification, filtration and ultra violet sterilization is designed to work 24/7 to improve the air quality of your indoor space.



Improve the air quality of your indoor space. Reduce symptom causing dust, pollen, dander, and other environmental pollutants as air circulates through your central air system.


Unique technologies target air quality problems in the indoor space using broad spectrum ultra violet light and ionization to clean the air.


Germicidal UV lights work by dosing the surfaces where the light shines in the HVAC system to reduce mold and bacteria growth 24/7. Even when the HVAC system isn’t running.


Whether you get hit hardest by tree allergens in the spring, ragweed in the fall, or dust and mold all year-round, our approach to indoor air quality is designed with you in mind.


The Air Knight IPG with PX5 contains dual technologies including Ionization and Ultra Violet light that work to address contaminants in the indoor air that can adversely affect our comfort and quality of life.


“Ever since we had the Air Knight IPG air purifier installed in our house, we have noticed a huge difference in the air quality, especially in regards to abating odors in the kitchen. My husband loves to have bacon for breakfast, but we always hated the greasy smell that resulted from cooking it, and that smell would last all day! Ever since we installed the Air Knight IPG, that greasy bacon smell is gone instantly.”

Cindy from Russell, Kansas.

"I recently purchased a new home and was really looking forward to that new home smell. But, my two dogs generate so much hair and pet dander that all I smelled was dog when I would come home. I had the Air Knight IPG installed into my HVAC system and, ever since then, it’s like I don’t even have pets! No more dander, and no more dog smell."

Dan from Dallas, Texas.

"We built out a new 33,000 square foot commercial space for our advertising agency in Boulder Colorado about a year ago and had the Air Knight IPG system installed throughout the building on three different HVAC systems. The units were simple to install and the ongoing maintenance is nominal. The best part is that since moving into the space our time lost due to sickness has dropped significantly and we attribute a lot of that to the Air Knight IPG system. We could not be more happy."

Scott from Boulder, Colorado.